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iD Tech Camps (Co-Ed, Kids Ages 7-12 & Teens Ages 13-17)

Are your camps segmented by age?

All iD Tech programs are divided by age, but students of varying ages will typically share the same lab area. We provide a well-balanced, fun summer camp experience that is age-appropriate for kids, preteens, a...

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How much time do students spend on computers each day at iD Tech Camps?

iD Tech Camps are weeklong day and overnight camps for students ages 7-17. Students enrolled in this program will spend approximately 5 hours per day on the computer (a few hours less on Fridays due to Family...

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Do students typically register for one or multiple weeks?

Our courses are designed so that you can register for one or multiple weeks. Many students choose to sign up for multi-week packages to build on their skills and learn new subjects. It is not uncommon for stude...

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Can my student take more than one course per session?

Students can only enroll in one course per session. At iD Tech Camps and Alexa Café, sessions are one week. Our iD Tech Academies are two-week sessions. You are welcome to register for multiple weeks of the sa...

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What “off-computer” activities do you offer at iD Tech Camps?

We are a summer computer camp, but we are not in the labs all day. Balance is the key to every week at iD Tech. We take time out for outdoor games, movie nights, talent shows, and gaming tournaments. Activities...

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What are your camp hours for iD Tech Camps?

Day camp sessions at iD Tech Camps are from 9am-5pm. We also offer free Flex Hours, which means you can check-in your student anytime between 8-9am, and pick-up between 5-6pm. Overnight students will check-in...

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