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Alexa Café (All-Girls, Ages 10-15)

Is Alexa Café for girls only?

Yes—Alexa Café was designed with girls ages 10-15 in mind. While all iD Tech programs are great for girls, we acknowledge the pervasive STEM gender gap, and seek to remedy it with a chic, collaborative learning...

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What are the origins of the Alexa Café name?

Alexa Café is named after iD Tech co-founder Alexa Ingram-Cauchi—a woman of true entrepreneurial spirit. In 1999, Alexa and her mother, Kathryn, started the company together (a rarity, even in progressive Silic...

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What if my daughter already has experience?

With our continually evolving curriculum, experienced students will be able to move along faster and more independently with our customized lessons. All students receive our gold standard one-on-one instruction...

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What "off-computer" activities do you offer at Alexa Café?

The balance between lab time and fun activities is the key to every week of camp. While we are a tech camp, we take time for outdoor games and other fun summer camp activities. Activities, such as optional spor...

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How much time do students spend on computers each day at Alexa Café?

Alexa Café is an all-girls day and overnight camp for students ages 10-15. Students enrolled in this program will spend approximately 5 hours per day on the computer (a few hours less on Fridays due to the Co...

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What are the program hours at Alexa Café?

Day camp sessions at Alexa Café are from 9am-5pm. You can check-in your student between 8:30-9am, and pick-up is from 5-5:30pm. Overnight students check-in the Sunday before camp at 6pm and stay for the durat...

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