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Meals & Special Needs

Which meals do you provide and what will students eat?

For our overnight programs, all meals are included, starting with Sunday dinner through Friday lunch. Day campers have the option of purchasing the lunch plan or bringing a sack lunch. If the lunch plan is pur...

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How do you support students with food allergies and special dietary needs at camp?

Communication is key. If you have food allergies or require any other special dietary accommodations, please be sure to notify us in advance to allow us time to accommodate your needs. After registration, you...

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Can you accommodate students with special needs?

We have had many special needs students attend our camps in the past, and they typically do well in our programs. While we are not specifically a special needs camp, our instructors are trained to handle speci...

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Can I add lunch at a later time?

If you're still deciding on the lunch option, you're welcome to add it at a later time. When you're ready to add it, log in to your My Account and select your student's name. We recommend making your decision ...

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