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Risk Management

How do you ensure student safety?

Risk Management is at utmost importance to iD Tech. We follow all American Camp Association (ACA) guidelines at each of our summer camps. Criminal background checks, sexual offender checks, and personal and pr...

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What safety measures are taken in the overnight programs?

Risk management is our number one priority. All classes, activities, meals, and boarding are supervised by our adult staff. Overnight students will stay in the campus dorms. Boys and girls will be housed on sep...

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Can I sit in on a course or observe before I register my student?

For security reasons, we do not permit non-students (parents or unregistered students) to sit in on courses. We require all staff to undergo thorough background checks. Click here to register.

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What is your medication policy?

If your student will be taking medication while at camp, you will be asked to fill out a list of prescribed medications that your child will take while attending camp. All medications must be given to our Camp ...

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How are students separated during the overnight stay?

Boys and girls will typically be housed on separate floors or opposite wings of the dormitory. Students have the option to request a specific roommate upon registration. If no roommate is specified, we will mak...

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How do you accommodate students with diabetes?

Students that require injections (insulin, hormones, etc.) while at camp will need to self-administer the medication under observation of our staff. Our staff is not specifically trained to handle complications...

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